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Hypnotherapy and cognitive techniques for stress management in business

Stress leads to a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that can interfere with your ability to successfully keep up with your commitments and effectively run your business. Burnout, financial difficulties

Many of the happiest, most successful, well-adjusted people are those who have learned to respond to high levels of stress in a positive and balanced way

In a world where we’re constantly rushing around: We all know that life isn’t that simple and that throughout our journey in life we might face numerous challenges, problems and setbacks.

Sometimes we take a hit. We fall ill, lose jobs, fight with loved ones, financial worries, being overworked you are under a lot of pressure, struggling with your health, don’t like your job, lack a sense of direction or a feeling of hope.

This course has been designed to allow delegates to analyse their own responses to pressure and produce practical strategies to face daily challenges and become more effective using Hypnotherapy and Cognitive approaches:

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs to learn the fundamentals of dealing with the “stressors” that affect our well-being and confidence

Any team who are under a lot of pressure of tough deadlines and heavy workloads

Any teams leader how want to build staff morale by investing in their teams health and happiness.

Any team leader who wishes to increase productivity and decrease staff absenteeism

Employees who want to feel a sense of control of their emotions in their professional environment

Anyone who wants to learn in a nurturing and practical environment


What will I learn on the course?

The importance of recognizing emotions

Awareness of emotions


How to quickly reduce stress

How emotions and personality are linked to behavior and wellbeing

Cognitive cycle and ABC model

Personality types and beliefs

The role of the brain in emotions

Chemicals, hormones, and emotions

Brain plasticity and emotional functioning

The importance of managing moods

Factors that underlie the ability to regulate emotions

The process of emotion regulation

Differences between moods and emotions

Cognitive techniques to manage emotions

Behavioral techniques to manage emotions

An Introduction to Hypnotherapy

• History of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

• The human mind, how it works & the mind / body connection.

• Subconscious mind’s re-programming.

• Fight or flight responses.

• How our beliefs and values affect our reality

• What is hypnosis?

• Different states of hypnosis.

• Different types of hypnotherapy.

• Preparing for the consulting room.

• Building belief and expectancy in your abilities.

• Principles of verbal psychology in induction.

• Principles of physical psychology

• Placebos - How belief is key

• Brain wave states, Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta.

• Stress and the effects of Stress on the body.

• The relationship between stress and diet.

• Stress and Exercise - How to reduce cortisol in the system

• A professional and ethical therapist.

• Understanding Abreactions, Transference & Counter transference.

• Creating affirmations and suggestions.

• How techniques from NLP & CBT can work alongside Hypnotherapy.

• The key points to hypnotic inductions.

• Induction methods for the consulting room.

• Many various induction techniques & Ideomotor Signalling.

• Induce trance via progressive physical relaxation techniques.

• Hypnosis deepening methods & Ideomotor Signaling

• Hypnotic language patterns for deep trance.

• Subliminal messaging in speech - Conversational Hypnosis

• Suggestibility tests i.e. Eyelid lock, arm levitation and many more.

• Self Hypnosis.

• Guided Imagery & Visualization

• Anchoring good feeling associations. (NLP technique)

• Breathing techniques.

• Major Post hypnotic suggestion.

• Techniques for stress, insomnia and panic.

• Setting Goals to combat stress.


When you sign up for one of our courses you will receive world class training from professional, highly skilled trainers. Hypnotherapy  and  Cognitive techniques for stress management in business  is  Approved by ILM

The Hypnotherapy and cognitive techniques for stress management in business

is  Approved by ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) Delivered by the NLP Centre of Excellence.

Devised by the NLP Centre of Excellence- Approved by ILM

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) is the UK's largest awarding body for leadership and management qualifications, with 90,000 people registering for ILM courses in last year alone.


• There are no prerequisites for joining the course other than the desire to learn and an openness to new ideas.


• The course is taught in ‘bite sized’ chunks with each section being taught, demonstrated and then practiced.


• Free monthly ongoing learning and best practice groups for all past students.


We also have a dedicated ustream channel see link

We also offer all students doing the home study training the opportunity to come along to our monthly best practice groups in Manchester at no extra cost. This greatly enhances learning.
The monthly support groups are free for all students and give you the opportunity to see inspirational speakers, network, meet like minded people, and learn new skills. For those that can’t attend the events we also film these monthly sessions and email a copy to all students each month. The practice groups are optional and not essential for completing the course.

see link for past event


Come along, meet other students and continue your learning journey.

The NLP Centre of Excellence is proud to announce that our Hypnotherapy  Cognitive techniques for stress management in business  Delivered by the NLP Centre of Excellence is  approved by ILM.

Exceptional value for money from your investment.

In addition to full tuition the course fee includes:

•   Course  manual

•   Pre Course Reading Material.

•   Free Monthly Ongoing Learning & Best Practice Group for all past students

Cost for Class Room based Course £399

We also have a blended learning option

Hypnotherapy and cognitive techniques for stress management in business  blended  option Just £199 - Study from home in your own time at your own pace

Hypnotherapy and cognitive techniques for stress management in business  Course is exactly the same course syllabus as the classroom based course.

Study the course online from the comfort of your own home. Training materials include the full course manual, study guides, and copy of best selling NLP book written by our head trainer Jimmy Petruzzi. You are also welcome to join us on our free monthly practice sessions so that you can watch live demonstrations of the techniques and then practice with other students to build your confidence using your new techniques.

The blended learning study course course is exactly the same syllabus that is taught on the classroom courses, the full course syllabus can be found above.

Also included is a recommended reading list. You are encouraged to read widely on the course subject that you are studying, in this way you will gain maximum benefit from the course.

When studying the techniques taught throughout the course it is advisable to get as much practice as possible to really master each technique being learnt.

All course materials are provided, you will receive a student number which is unique to you and the course you are doing, it must be quoted on all correspondence to the training centre regarding your chosen course.

There is no time limit for completing the course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace. Help and support is always available from the training centre team through out your training.

On completion of the course you are eligible to  receive 2 certificates, one from the NLP Centre of Excellence for completing the course and another from  ILM - Institute of Leadership & Management. There is a £50 ILM approved certificate Fee that gets paid directly to them on completion of the course if you want to get the ILM Certificate (which is optional)


Jimmy Petruzzi will be presenting at the UK Hypnosis Convention 2019

Jimmy Petruzzi will be delivering a workshop at the UK Hypnosis Convention 2019





Jimmy Petruzzi will be presenting at the UK Hypnosis Convention 2018


Renaissance London Heathrow 2nd-4th November 2018