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Fit Pro – “New Year – New You”

“Habits are simply patterns of learned behaviour. NLP can provide a tool for breaking your clients’ bad habits and developing new positive ones”. Read More…(PDF)



Fit Pro – “Drawing The Line”

“When it comes to adding strings to your bow, arguably these should be extensions of your existing field of work. The PT who takes on group work and develops a boot-camp module, or knows how to cover group ex classes, is one thing;”.Read More…(PDF)

Daily Mail – “It’s Not All Doom & Gloom”

“The recession could be an amazing thing for the country. It could force us to spend more quality time with our family and friends and not spend money on material things.” Read more…

Fit Pro – “How To Keep Yourself Motivated Using NLP”

“What stops people from getting things done is, quite simply, their thought process! When your clients think about getting fit, what goes through their mind?”. Read more…(PDF)



Lancashire Evening Post Feature

“Exercise – and that doesn’t have to be a gym. Remember when we were kids, kicking a ball around the park, carefree, happy, having fun?” Read more…



On the Radio

Listen in to Jimmy Petruzzi talking about NLP on "The Feel Good Factor Radio Show" on Salford City Radio 94.4FM with host Sara Lou-Ann Jones

Listen in here to Jim on Talk Sport Radio



Video Clips...

Jimmy Petruzzi Television interview discussing NLP


Jimmy Petruzzi being interviewed on the "This is your Life Programme" on City Talk Radio